Telemedicine Services Q&A

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Telemedicine Services Near Me in Wyomissing, Reading, PA
Telemedicine Services Near Me in Wyomissing, Reading, PA

Table of Contents:

What is telemedicine?
What can be treated by telemedicine?
What cannot be treated by telemedicine?
What are the benefits of using telemedicine?

In modern society, our lives are so integrated with technology that we have come to rely on it heavily. There are many benefits that technology provides, and virtually every industry has implemented technology to provide better service to their clientele. The healthcare industry has utilized countless forms of technology; over the past two years, telemedicine has surged in popularity, providing conveniences to both the patient and practitioner.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a practice that uses technology to exchange information and services between doctors and patients. It allows for patients to connect with their doctors remotely, whether using face-to-face contact via video conferencing or simply talking over the phone. Telemedicine has been defined as the use of telecommunication to allow patients to access a health care provider, with all the services and benefits of a face-to-face visit, but without travel or physical proximity. Although it has only garnered wide use within the past two years, it was used for the first time in the early 1950s by doctors practicing in far-away places.

What can be treated by telemedicine?

There are a wide number of symptoms that can be diagnosed via telemedicine, as well as several different conditions that can be treated via digital communication. These include:

– Allergies
– Arthritic pain
– Asthma
– Bronchitis
– Cold and flu
– Diarrhea
– Infections
– Insect bites
– Sore throat
– Pinkeye
– Rashes
– Sinus infection

What cannot be treated by telemedicine?

While telemedicine enables patients to receive care for a long list of ailments and conditions from a distance, in some cases an in-office visit is the only way to receive the appropriate care. These include:

– Chest pain
– Wounds requiring suturing
– Mental health issues
– STDs
– Pregnancy or birth control concerns
– Shortness of breath
– Head or neck injuries

Although telemedicine is great for managing chronic conditions, it is not suitable for limb- or life-threatening situations.

What are the benefits of using telemedicine?

Telemedicine provides many benefits, including:

Saves Time On Patient Visits — One of the biggest benefits of telemedicine is that it saves time for both the patient and physician when receiving medical care. Patients do not need to wait in the lobby to see their physician; if there is a delay, patients can wait comfortably in their home, and can even catch up on chores until the doctor is available.
Consistent Patient Care — The care provided via telemedicine is more consistent for both the patient and physician. By eliminating the need to travel to the doctor’s office or clinic, patients can more readily receive the care they need, without the burden of huge time constraints and booking time off of work just to see the doctor.
Lower Readmission Rates — With improved communication with their primary physicians, patients can more easily keep up with their appointments; this leads to better care, greater protection, and prevention of disease, resulting in lower readmission rates.
More Access To Specialists — Patients in remote areas and small towns seldom have access to local specialists; with telemedicine, patients can receive care from specialists all over the world, as long as they have a secure connection to the internet.
Reduced Healthcare Costs — Patients love telemedicine not only because it is convenient, but also because it cuts back on the costs associated with healthcare visits, including transportation. This is especially beneficial for patients with one or more chronic conditions that require close monitoring through regular checkups.

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